Meet The Team!

The team at 1st New Haw is made up of a team of dedicated, fully-trained and excited leaders and volunteers. We are always looking to grow this team, so if you are interested please do contact us!

Black Bat – Picture coming soon!

Black Bat (Matt) is 1st New Haw’s Group Scout Leader. Having previously been a Scout, he likes to be outdoors and have lots of fun! Black Bat joined 1st New Haw in 2019 as an Assistant Beaver Leader and became group scout leader in September 2020.

Orange Otter – Picture coming soon!

Orange Otter (Orla) is 1st New Haw’s Beaver Section Leader. She joined the team in 2019 as an Assistant Beaver Leader, before becoming the Beaver Section Leader later on in 2019. Orange Otter enjoys camping and making sure that all beavers are included and having fun.
In Orange Otter’s spare time she enjoys karate.

Akela – Picture coming soon!

Akela (Rob) is the leader of the 1st New Haw Cub pack. Originally joining 1st New Haw in 2019 as the treasurer, he soon switched to being a leader and loves every minute!

Red Squirrel – Picture coming soon!

Red Squirrel (David) is one of 1st New Haw’s Assistant Beaver Section Leaders and Quartermaster for the group! Having previously been a Scout and then a Young Leader, he joined the team in October 2019 and knows lots and lots about having fun and games. Red Squirrel became Quartermaster in November 2021 and, since then, continues to sit on 1st New Haw’s executive committee.

Something silly: One time, Red Squirrel carried a whole barrel of water from his house to our Scout HQ and when he got there Orange Otter showed him he could actually open it and empty the water before he carried it!

White Badger – Picture coming soon!

White Badger (Stuart) is one of our Section Assistants for both Beavers & Cubs. White Badger has a keen interest in cars and is a mechanic for the AA! Outside of work White Badger can be seen spending time with his family or coming to Beavers or Cubs (sometimes both)!

Harty – Picture coming soon!

Harty (Linda) is one of our Section Assistants for Cubs. She has a keen interest in Arts & Crafts and can often be found teaching our Cubs some of her amazing skills!

Rod Kangaroo – Picture coming soon!

Rod Kangaroo (Rod) is one of our Section Assistants for Beavers. (More to come)

Green Sparrow – Picture coming soon!

Green Sparrow (Suzie) is one of our Section Assistants for Cubs. Starting out as a parent helper, Green Sparrow enjoys running activities and having lots of fun!

Hedgehog – Picture coming soon!

Hedgehog is one of our Section Assistants for Beavers (and also Red Squirrel’s Mum). She first started as a Beaver Leader 7 years ago, so knows a lot about how to have fun and games!

Jenni – Chair

Jenni is the Chair of the Executive committee at 1st New Haw. Having first joined the team in April 2022 as the group secretary, she moved in to the position of Chair in October 2022 and continues to lead the group’s committee.

Kate-Picture coming soon!

Kate is the Treasurer at 1st New Haw. She joined the team in October 2022.

Martin – Picture coming soon!

Martin is our maintenance manager (and also Red Squirrel’s Dad). Having joined the team in February 2020, Martin has helped out the group massively by building our new toilets and organising various different jobs to be completed around our building.

Outside of 1st New Haw, Martin is one of the local handymen in the neighbourhood (You may have seen his van before)!

Lucie – Picture coming soon!

Lucie is the secretary at 1st New Haw. She joined the team in October 2022.